Alps (day 12) by Mame Mbengue


Despite the fact that a few of us went out the night before everyone was up for our hour bus ride at 7:30am. Our first visit was to the Elan where we were giving a brief presentation followed with a tour around the production line of skis and boatsas well. After finishing our tour of Elan we headed to our next company visit Seaway, a design and construction company of boats. At Seaway we had the opportunity to be given a presentation by the co-founder of the company Mr. Jakopinfollowed by a tour of the facility. After raping up the business segment of our day we got back on the bus headed to Bled for a quick lunch at a pizzeria recommend by Gasper then we went up to see the castle, the view from up top was just beautiful. After the castle we took a hike up the Alps to see the SavicaWaterfalls and an amazing view of the mountains. Whilewalking down Vitt, Andy, Eric, and Nick decided to be brave enough to go in the water at 8 degrees celsius and Gasper got it on video. We all after got on the bus headed back to the hotel.All together we had a pretty busy day followed by a night out on the town.


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7 Responses to Alps (day 12) by Mame Mbengue

  1. tiffaniee says:

    Loved the view of the waterfall, it was definitely worth the hike up! And the bottom a few of us, aka me and kim decided to take a drink out of the fountain of youth!

  2. Kim says:

    Except it wasn’t the fountain of youth

  3. Andrew Miller says:

    8 degree Celsius equates to 46.4 degree fahrenheit… Let’s just say it was “refreshing”

  4. Sav says:

    The owner of Seaway was defiantly quite the character. He was previously a doctor and very knowledgable. His views of different topics where interesting got everyone thinking.

    • Lauryn says:

      Personally, I disagreed with a lot of the remarks that he had to make. But that is not to say I was not interested in the discussion!

  5. Lauryn says:

    Our presenter at Elan was one heck of a Q&A answerer!

  6. Kathlen McFadden says:

    After 2 business visits that day, the hike to the waterfall was definitely what we needed to unwind and the view was great.

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