Free Weekend (day 13) by Matt Knapton


With no company visits and a late night behind us, everyone woke up later than usual. After a quick bite to eat people made their way back to BTC City to do some shopping and check out the casino where some people did pretty well.  While some people stayed and continued shopping, many people met at 4 to go to the Ljubljana Zoo where Vitt tried (unsuccessfully) to feed the some of the monkeys. Some people rented bicycles from the hotel and biked around town site seeing and ending up at the local horse burger stand. Later in the evening we all went out toa few of the local clubs and bars.




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4 Responses to Free Weekend (day 13) by Matt Knapton

  1. Sav says:

    The zoo had a wide variety of different animals, some of our favorites where the elephants, giraffe and monkeys. Life lesson.. don’t give monkeys water, they go crazy!

  2. Graziano says:

    Although I did not have the horse burger it was definitely enjoyed by those who ate it. We then proceeded to our new ritual of McDonald’s apple pie for desert, for the third day in a row, which are unbelievable!

  3. Lauryn says:

    This was such a nice day, there was so much going on in town and me and paige were very successful in our window shopping efforts!

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