Free weekend (day 14) by Paige Smith


Today, we were lucky to have free time in Slovenia. Many of us decided to go on a late morning hike to Smarna Gora.  Smarna Gora is a hill at the most Northern part of Ljubliana. It’s a butte and from far away looks like two humps of a camel. There are many ways to reach the top of Smarna Gora. Professor Gasper chose to take our group on a path that was a bit steep but only took 20 minutes. We were given the chance to spend a Sunday the way locals do; the paths were full of climbers. On our way up I observed many couples power walking with metal poles and even young children making their way up to the top. At Smarna Gora’s peak stands a white Baroque Church. Built in 1729,  the church was a looking point against Turkish invaders many moons ago. Now, these old stone buildings are used to entertain visitors like ourselves! I noticed one housed a gallery; there was a restaurant that had a menu that appeared to serve a hearty fare of foods (brandy made from honey & homemade donuts!). After our hike up, we all decided to take a seat with other hikers that were stretched out along the overlook. I would love to come back, there are such wonderful views and great food at the top to reward all hikers for their efforts. Another attraction sited on top of the hill was a famous wishing bell. Believed to fulfill the wishes of those who ring it and each of us rung the bell! After such a lovely hike, some of us were so happy with our adventure that we decided to have a nice long walk back to the hotel. The rest of the day everyone was given the opportunity to explore the country in whatever way we pleased. Some visited BTC City to see a movie while other’s relaxed around Old Town.


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8 Responses to Free weekend (day 14) by Paige Smith

  1. Kim says:

    The movies were awesome in btc I still think its weird that they give you assigned seats though

  2. tiffaniee says:

    It was such a nice today to explore BTC, too bad everything was closeddd. We got to see a pretty good movie at least and some pretty good gelato at one of the only open cafe’s

  3. Graziano says:

    Hopefully the good luck bell we rang at the top will allow for a sunny and warm water experience for the next few days which we will spend at the coast!

  4. Sav says:

    The hike was not as easy as we thought… defiantly felt a lot longer then 20 minutes, especially for Katie who to say the least was struggling (love ya :P)!! After getting to the top and being able to see Slovenia from a different angle, it was well worth it!

  5. Lauryn says:

    Thanks again Paige for lending me the euro for water! much needed.

  6. Vincenzo Marino says:

    Dictator is the movie everyone needs to see… Alladeen!!!

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