Last Day in Ljubljiana (day 15) by Dan Kalbach


Today was our last day in the city of Ljubljiana. It started with a wake up call at 7:30, which some of us may or may not have gotten as the bus had to wait for two unnamed individuals. Our first visit was at a Renault production plant (cars). We received a short presentation and video about the company and then got a walking tour of their production line. At this plant, they produced the Twingo (a small 2 door hatchback), the Clio II (a larger 4 door hatchback), and the Wind (a coupe roadster). The next visit we had was with Danfoss (a heat transfer company). Here, we were given a presentation of what the company does and their history. After that, we were given a short tour of their small production line. Tonight was also our big group dinner at Gaspers friend’s restaurant. We had the entire place to ourselves because they kept it open specifically for us. There, we received a 5-course meal on the house (of Clarkson). It was very delicious and I’m sure everyone ate at much as they possibly could. We all stayed there for a while after the meal and had a great time together as this may have been one of the last chances the entire group had to be together. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and packed for our trip to Piran. Some of us decided to call it an early night and others decided to stay up and hang out some more.


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2 Responses to Last Day in Ljubljiana (day 15) by Dan Kalbach

  1. Graziano says:

    Dinner was excellent! Really enjoyed having my first real meal of the trip at our last dinner 🙂

  2. Kathlen McFadden says:

    Dinner was so good! The fried chicken was unbelievable and we were able to try some authentic Slovene wine as well as some homemade schnapps.

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