Postojna cave/Piran (day 16) by Lauryn Kulkarni


Today started out bright an early with our last morning breakfast at City Hotel in Ljubljana. Once everyone was packed up, we drove to the Postojna Cave. The cave is hundreds of thousands years old and, was 20.5 kilometers long, although we only saw about 3.5 kilometers of it. The cave stays a consistent 46 degrees so it was pretty cold compared to the weather outside. Everyone had to grab their jackets for the tour. The tour itself was incredible. The cave pillars were very impressive, seeing that they only grow one centimeter every 100 years. Our next stop was the Postojna Castle. The castle was built into a cave on the side of the mountain and had many hidden passageways throughout the castle as well as a torture chamber. The castle had a very medieval feel compared to the other ones we have seen previously. Our last stop of the day was in Piran where we checked into our last hotel for the trip. The hotel is just feet from the water and there are balconies from everyone’s room facing the water (except for a few unlucky people). Once we checked in we went on a very brief tour of the town. We saw a chapel built in the sixteen hundreds, with an angle on the top that moves according to the wind. Once we got back everyone enjoyed swimming in the water it was so refreshing except for the jellyfish in the water. For dinner we went to a delicious waterfront seafood restaurant. We are now preparing for our last company visit tomorrow and a long day of sunbathing.


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4 Responses to Postojna cave/Piran (day 16) by Lauryn Kulkarni

  1. Graziano says:

    We also get a great view of Croatia and obviously my favorite Italy!

  2. Tiffanie says:

    Piran was beautiful, I don’t think we could have had a better destination for our last few days on the trip!

  3. Andrew Miller says:

    I think we proved that on the pier nobody is safe

  4. Kathlen McFadden says:

    Yea, it’s safe to say everyone went in the water regardless of whether they wanted to (myself included) but it was great! And i’m impressed we all followed the no swimming after dark rule.

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