Port of Kopr (day 17) by Tiffanie Woods


Our last company visit today was at Port of Kopra. At the company we were first  given a short but very informative presentation about the company, which was the same presentation they used when meeting with the US ambassador the month before. The company Was built in 1955 and celebrated its 55th anniversary this past month in may. Port of Kopra has 12 different ports for each type of product they handle, as well as different marketing strategies and teams for each specific port as well. In the future the company plans to expand their  first two ports in the next 3-5 years and will create their third port in the next 7-8 years depending on when they get the funding for it because it will cost 450 million euros to build. We also learned some interesting facts about the company, such as they have 150 olive trees on the premises  and make their own olive oil. They were also in the Guinness Book of World Records for  the fastest time of un loading 13000 cars in 36 hours. After the presentation we went on our bus for a tour around the port. We weren’t able to visit a lot of it due to the large capacity of containers and products that are stored on each port, but we were able to see the car, timber, live stock, iron and coal, and dry stock ports. One of the most interesting things I found was how the company on average employs 600 drivers at a time to unload the vehicles from the boats.  After our last company tour of the trip, we went into town for a quick bite of lunch  and a tour around town. We then made our way to the vineyard for an afternoon of wine tasting. I think everyone enjoyed seeing the cellars and all the barrels of wine, but the most fun part for everyone I can say was the actual tasting. Everyone enjoyed themselves, even those who aren’t the biggest fans of wine and ended up giving their portions to those around them. After we were done indulging in the great wine we all went to the gift shop where the prices were so enticing almost everyone bought at least one bottle, and some bought a lot more.  Once we left and got back to the hotel it was straight into bathing suits as we all either broke out our wine we had just bought or went to the bar to get other drinks, and hung out by the sea. It wasn’t all relaxing for too long once the guys decided to start throwing all the girls in the water, and from then on it was war and no one was safe from the water. We all had a blast and spent the better part of the evening in the water and hanging out until we decided to head to dinner, in which some of us went to an Italian restraunt and others opted for a round two of seafood. Once we all got back to the hotel we decided to have a few drinks by the water and then decided to venture to the next town where we heard there were a lot of bars. We ended up at a very nice tiki bar and all got the most popular drink on the menu and opted for a more relaxing night of sitting in one of the seating sections and just enjoying each others company. The night ended when some people couldn’t keep their eyes open and were falling asleep so we decided to hop in the cabs and come back to the hotel. Piran is so beautiful and everyone wished we could stay longer, but I think our last day on the seaside was a success. 


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2 Responses to Port of Kopr (day 17) by Tiffanie Woods

  1. Kathlen McFadden says:

    The wine was so good! Let’s hope the bottles aren’t breaking as our luggage finds its way back to us from Paris. The italian restaurant was great, and it’s always nice when Graz can actually enjoy dinner with us! The outdoor seating was a little too comfortable at the tiki bar, definitely guilty of nodding off…i blame the big dinner 🙂

  2. Sav says:

    hahaha wishful thinking katie, its 4 days later…. all our bottles are defiantly broken. Im just hoping ill get to see my luggage sometime soon.

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